A great day at the beach

Sun, Sand, and Doggies


Annie Running

Annie chasing the ball at the ChuckIt Toss


Madame Phydo

I see a cookie in your future


Pet Parade

Pet Parade heading to the beach


The crowd enjoying the talent show

Nanook performs some tricks


The Holstein Heffers

We are partial to Newfies!


ChuckIt Toss Winners

Fastest dogs in town!


Join us for Muttzanita 2019

Saturday September 7, 2019

Join us from 10am to 3pm

First Street at Laneda

(Next to the Visitors Center)

31 Laneda Ave, Manzanita, OR 97130



Our Candidates for the Mayor of Muttzanita

Want to submit your pup as Mayor for 2019?

Fill out an Nomination Form now!

Voting will close on Friday, September 7th at 5:00 p.m.

You can vote at the Manzanita Visitors Center or Four Paws on the Beach

We will be at Farmers Market on August 31 and September 7



Nominee:  Bear

Age/Gender:          7 year old male

Favorite Toy:        A large box I can fun through like a tunnel

How I Keep Fit:   Walking the beach twice and day and greeting tourists

Favorite Treat:      Chicken

Silliest Thing I Do:  Hop on teeter totters and run from end to end enjoying the bounce


Nominee:  Hodges Costello

Age/Gender:          3 year old male

Favorite Toy:        “Holiday Moose” Plushie

How I Keep Fit:   Hiking, Patrolling, Beach Clean-Up

Favorite Treat:      Bacon wrapped anything

Silliest Thing I Do:  Dance on two legs, toss my own toys


Nominee:  Piper

Age/Gender:          7 year old female

Favorite Toy:        Anything with a squeaker – For talking, not tearing out

How I Keep Fit:   Not a priority – best to rest up for my job as “shop dog / greeter” at Finnestere

Favorite Treat:      A drink of pure rainwater from a fresh puddle. No wait – juicy beef. Can’t Decide!

Silliest Thing I Do:  Vigorously scratch the ground in tall grasses, and flop on my sides and back.


Nominee:  Beau

Age/Gender:          8 year old male

Favorite Toy:        Driftwood

How I Keep Fit:   Running on the beach & fetching sticks in the ocean

Favorite Treat:      The doggy burger at the San Dune

Silliest Thing I Do:  Dig holes in the sand to make a “bed” when I get tired on the beach


Nominee:  Cooper

Age/Gender:          2 year old male

Favorite Toy:         Ball (of course – there is no other!)

How I Keep Fit:     Ball fetching on the beach or at home

Favorite Treat:      My human mom’s new socks

Silliest Thing I Do:  Wiggle on my back all the way down the driveway


Nominee:  Izzie Bella

Age/Gender:          4 year old female

Favorite Toy:         Squeaky toys

How I Keep Fit:     Chasing around dog bother Indie

Favorite Treat:      Meat

Silliest Thing I Do:  When I yawn, I make farting noises in my throat


Nominee:  Marla Moon

Age/Gender:          8 year old female

Favorite Toy:         Purple Frisbee

How I Keep Fit:     I run on the beach and swim in the ocean and river

Favorite Treat:      Mega Bacon Bone

Silliest Thing I Do:  I ride on surfboards and paddle boards with my family

Nominee:  Riley

Age/Gender:          12 year old male

Favorite Toy:         Bone from a T-Bone steak

How I Keep Fit:     Running after seagulls on the beach, daily walks through town and hiking in the state parks.

Favorite Treat:      Pacific Northwest salmon jerky

Silliest Thing I Do:  At bedtime I use my paws to turn down the sheets, and my head to toss the pillows prior to my parent coming to bed.  I then lay at the food of the bed.  I like to give high fives.